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July 2020

AC Motors

By: Admin01

AC series motor or the universal motor is an electric motor that operates in either Ac or Dc power at the same speed and output. Also, Ac series motor is...

Structural Differences Between DC And AC Generators

By: Admin01

The main difference between a DC generator and an AC generator is that a DC generator will produce “Direct Current", and an AC generator “Alternating Current". That’s the basic highschool...

The Commutator And It’s Function in a DC Motor

By: Admin01

The function of a commutator in DC generator The function of a commutator? Yes, why wonder? When we talk about the construction of the DC generators we speak in detail...

Torque Slip Characteristics

By: Admin01

Torque slip characteristics of induction motor are also known as torque-speed characteristics. They provide us with information about the variation of torque with the slip. And the variation of the...

DC Shunt Motor

By: Admin01

Shunt-wound DC motor or DC shunt motor is a self-excited DC motor that operates on direct current and the field winding is connected in parallel to the armature winding. So...

Series Wound DC Motor

By: Admin01

Series wound DC motor is a self-excited Dc motor that converts electrical power into mechanical power based on electromechanical law. But in this motor, the field winding is connected in...

DC Compound Motor

By: Admin01

DC compound motor or Compound wound DC motor is also a self-excited motor, but it is a compound of both series and shunt field coils connected to the armature winding....

Permanent Magnet DC Motor [PMDC Motor]

By: Admin01

Permanent magnet DC motor or PMDC motor is a separately excited motor. This motor is different from all other types of motors. From the name permanent magnet, we use a...

Brushless DC Motor

By: Admin01

Brushless DC motor or BLDC motor is a special type of motors as it doesn’t contain brushes. Also, it has high efficiency typically around 85-90% in producing large amounts of...

Single Phase Induction Motor

By: Admin01

Working Principle of Single-Phase Induction Motor In this article, we will explain the Working principle of single-phase induction motor and construction of single-phase induction motor.  When you look around you...

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