Selfie drone 7S / Drone 720x: A Mini Drone With Camera At an Incredible Price

June 25, 2018

A few months ago that this Selfie Drone 7S has been introduced in the Spanish and Latin American market, and just now our team of pilots came into contact with this tiny flying marvel of only  $99. We tell you our experience.

Selfie drone 7S: A Mini drone with camera at an incredible price

Selfie drone 7S: A true pocket drone

The Selfie Drone 7S is manufactured in China (Bah today that thing is not manufactured in China:-)), by the firm JJRC (JIANJIAN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.) for the European and American market.

How Marketing strategy has introduced the product in Europe under the name of Drone 720x and in USA under the pseudonym of SelfieDrone 7S instead for the market Asian they call it JY018, these equipments are identical, not only externally but in the configuration of the Motherboard and processor.

In fact, it is an evolution of the model SZMWL JJRC Elfie, with great improvements in its exterior and interior design especially in the new ARM processor that allows a considerable energy saving and a new stabilization software that will be one of the delights of the Beginner pilots.

In other words, it looks like the JJRC Elfie but it really has nothing to do with comparison; Since the Selfie Drone 7S comes with a 720 P resolution camera, height stabilizer, ability to perform some pre-configured 3d stunts (loops, inverted flight, rolls) and pilot tracking for selfies and/or auto shoots.

It is important to clarify that it does not have a Cardan camera stabilizer, like the drones of greater magnitude and price, but for the niche of market to which this drone aims, is more than enough its capacity of capture of image and movement.

An excellent option to start in the world of drone piloting, both for adults and children.

It is built solidly, and supports the desprolijidades of the rookies, comes with replacement propellers as interesting note, or top brands like Marvic, has this detail.


Unpacked Equipment Selfie Drone7S

In our hands arrived 2 boxes to test the product, the first thing we noticed is that it came with spare propellers and one of the boxes referenced the team JY018, but the stickers of the product, said Selfie Drone 7S; These things are typical of the Chinese company JJRC, do not notice much in the presentation of their products.

The drone comes with a protective bag for transpórtalo, 4 pairs of spare propellers, a charger and USB cable, wrench for extraction of propeller and lithium battery, all very well accommodated in its package of sale and Manual of use, which for varying this in Chinese:-( , another detail to improve, but for everything else, it really shows very well built.


Flight feature and Control of Selfie Drone 7S

Once in the field of flight, we notice one important thing, this is a pocket drone, whose axial arms have the ability to fold what makes it ideal to transport it very easily in any pocket.

It has a weight that allows you to fly smoothly both on the outside and inside with acceptable battery expense performance.

For its size and weight I do not recommend on very windy days or gusts as you will not get the best of this equipment. On the other hand, for normal days and internal flights we were pleasantly surprised by their flight quality.

This drone, like most mini-drones and folding drones (Foldables drones) are controlled with a smartphone (smart phone) comes software pata Android 4.2 or higher and of course also for IOS IPhone 7.0 or higher.

A problem that we have found that the software proposed by the manual did not allow a stable control of the device, so by contacting us with the importer suggested we install on our Android team the following app:

  • WIFI UFO (Android 4.2 +) = > Google Play
  • WIFI UFO (IOS 7.0 +) = > App Store


This was the only thing that fogging the flight afternoon, since once we installed the corresponding application and configure the sensitivity of the controls, the flight of this drone is incredible.

Note: Be aware of lowering this application when acquiring the equipment and only enjoy J

We notice a very stable flight and one of the best features of the Selfie Drone 7S, is that its height stabilizer product of its “G sensor”, so call the sensor that allows you to stabilize it at any height you want to take the photos or film whatever you want.

We really impact the stability of the stationary flight without intervention of our controls, only comparable with larger equipment that exceeds 1000 euros.

For only 97 euros that leaves this equipment, we were astonished.

For those who have just started, it has some very important advantages when it comes to the first flights. It has take-off and automatic landings with only one button in the application. Which makes it great for the use of the guys or those who are afraid to break the team on the first flight.

For that public this thought the Selfie Drone 7s

This pocket drone is intended primarily for the general public who has had no previous experience in driving and wants to enter this wonderful world and also for those who want to have a flying gadget and make spectacular aerial shots Amazed at family and friends.

The pilot seasoned also feel comfortable because being a low-weight drone and an acceptable camera with almost ridiculous price, opens a world of possibilities to take it everywhere, without the fear of losing it or someone to become the owner of others.

To take pictures selfies and aerials really is an excellent option of low cost and easy use. It also shoots in 720 not in HD, but this computer lacks an internal removable memory, so it uses the Wifi connection, to record the video on the phone. This makes the quality of the filming not very remarkable, but it is more than acceptable to take a family memory of a trip or encounter.

If instead what you are looking for is a team that films in a semi or professional way this is not the best option.  On the contrary, you are looking for a tool to expand the way you take your pictures and small films, do not think twice… is the best pocket team we have tried in FunSelfieDrone.

Among the drones for children The Selfie drone 7S is an excellent choice

Children’s camera drones, in their vast majority are toys for real drones, this is not the case of the Selfie drone 7S, which is a quality drone at a lower price than the children’s drones we see in the English court.

This is a drone for a child 10 years old or older, it is a safe team that more awkwardly does not produce significant damage as a team can do more power or weight.

The blow of some blade against any part of the body will produce nothing but a painful experience. It is very important to explain and teach the children the safety rules for the use of these flying devices and not to use them against people and/or animals.

Taking into account these premises is an excellent drone of children, a gift with lake more than a toy, but rather a tool to explore our world from the heights without taking risks.

It is advisable to use drones for children of 12 years, but we have said is a good gift to entertain a children of at least 10 years has the ability to control their flight without further inconvenience.

Technical specifications of the Selfie Drone 7S

  • An innovative 720 P camera, fixed Fronta
  • Red LED rear light for night-flight orientation
  • Desjegue and automatic landing with a single push of a button.
  • Transmission video in real time via WIFI with FPV
  • Automatic return to the takeoff point by pressing a button.
  • G Sensor for height stabilization and pilot tracking.
  • Reach 40 meters at 360 º (in our tests we reached 70 MTS)
  • Flight time 5 to 8 minutes (depends on wind conditions)
  • It weighs about 450 grams.
  • Folding Blades
  • Lithium battery
  • Stabilizing images using the G sensor, does not have camera with Cardan stabilizer.
The best of the Selfie Drone 7s

Its pre-configured flights and acrobatics will delight children and adults with no flight experience. His takeoff and landing with a single button.
Return to point DT with just one order in the app. And something that makes it great to be able to control the flight through a schedule of actions. And the best price only 99 Euros.

Things to improve on the Selfie Drone 7s

One of the things we criticize most is that it does not explain the manual very well what is the application of control that we should use in our smartphones (remember to use this Android-IOS).
No removable SD memory to record video, and improve packaging.

Final conclusions

The truth is that we sorpendio pleasantly this drone, we have tried many mini drones and really have all a heel of Achilles, controlling their flight erratic.
It is not the case of the Selfie Drone 7S, for a much lower price than its competitors have characteristics that are found in high ranges. An excellent option for those who never had a drone or to enter the children to the wonderful world of the photo area.
And of course the experienced one falls off knobs to have a very cheap transportable team to take to places that are not saying would to take a team of several thousand dollars.

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