Travelling With A Laptop – A Few Tips For The Frequent Traveller

January 28, 2020

For the people who do a lot of travelling with a laptop, nothing beats the comfort of bringing all of your information, media, games, and work-related programs in your backpack. This is why laptops grew so much in popularity over the last 2 decades and this is why they will keep doing so. Travelling with a laptop lets you work and enjoy the company of your friends and family from any place you visit. For that reason, we decided to give you a few tips on what to do when taking your computer with you.


Some of the best things you can do with your laptop when you go on a vacation or a business trip are to get a good and sturdy case for it, as well as a laptop backpack. You should also store your precious information on a flash drive that you carry in a separate luggage. Most importantly – clean the information you don’t want to be stolen in case the laptop goes missing and remove any stored passwords from the laptop, especially ones from online banking accounts. Finally, as simple as it sounds – if you don’t actually need the laptop just don’t take it and avoid all the risks associated with travelling with it.

Travelling With A Laptop – What You Need To Know

There are a few vital tips that everyone who uses his laptop on a daily basis (even when travelling) should know. Some of those are:

  • Get a good case and backpack for the laptop
  • Store your information on a USB flash drive
  • Clean up old (or important) information
  • Don’t take the laptop if you can afford not taking it

Get a good case and backpack for the laptop

It goes without saying that getting a great, sturdy, and durable case for your laptop will not only add to its style but will protect it from anything from bumps to scratches. Apart from the case and screen protector you can get a great laptop bag for it as well. The better models out there have padding on the inside and will keep the laptop safe even if the bag drops or is been thrown around for some reason, take a looks at some of the best laptop bags here.

The durability of the laptop also comes into play. We suggest checking out the Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming laptop.

Store your information on a USB flash drive

Travelling With A Laptop

Having all of your important files stored away on a USB flash drive or a portable hard disc is a great way to have a back up for everything you might lose. Those can be important pictures, other media files or work-related documents.

Another great way to store information is a cloud-based service. Those have their pros and cons but a tad more reliable than a physical copy of your information lying around somewhere.

Clean up old (or important) information

If you have a new model laptop you probably shouldn’t worry about this particular step but most people still travel around with their old laptops. Those relics of time have a lot more sensitive information than you’d think on them which is often ignored and used by thieves for blackmailing.

Laptops, in general, aren’t a good place to store valuable information. Even PCs that never move from your home are vulnerable to cyber attacks, not to mention laptops that often hook on various different wi-fi connections and servers.

Don’t Take The Laptop If You Can Afford Not Taking It

This one is fairly obvious but the best possible advice anyone can give you about travel tips with a laptop is to simply not take it if you don’t really need it. Most modern smartphones and tablets can handle the task of media consumption pretty well and if that is all that you will use the laptop for, then spare yourself the extra luggage and have a calm head throughout your trip.

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Flying With Your Laptop

We decided to devote a whole different segment of this article to just that particular topic as most people who travel do it by plane and the laptops that get damaged in the process are countless. Here are the few major points we want to hit on:

  • Never Pack Away Your Laptop. Always take your laptop with you like a piece of carry-on baggage as even the overhead compartment can prove fatal to it. People often push and cram things in there which might break things in there. Airline workers won’t expect people to put expensive electronics in the luggage so they will not treat your luggage as such and can throw it around breaking anything breakable in there.
  • Keep It In Standby Mode. If the airport security asks you to take out your laptop for a check-up it will save time if you have prepared for this and have left the laptop in a standby mode.
  • Metal Detectors And X-Rays. X-ray scanners won’t damage your laptop’s components but metal detection will so ask the airport security to scan it manually or through an x-ray scanner.
  • Don’t Use Your Laptop In Crowded Airport Areas. This one should be fairly obvious but there might be people who will try to either take your laptop or steal information off of it if you aren’t careful. For that very reason, you should also never let your laptop leave your sight.

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Final Words

Knowing how to protect your laptop when travelling and what exactly to do in order to assure the smoothest possible trip is something most people often forget. This is why we created this article with some of the best possible laptop travelling tips so that people who have just now started to go around with their laptop bag in their hand can know what to look out for and what to take into consideration.