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Smart Solar Box Review | A Different Way To Save On Your Electricity Bill

Hey guys, I just got my hands on the Smart Solar Box blueprints, to supposedly build a “Smarter” device that better uses solar energy to help save on the electricity bill, without buying the real stuff.

Smart Solar Box Project

As engineers, we can easily spot all those viral videos claiming to have discovered “The secret of infinite energy” Still, this project looked legit, and most importantly, $1 dollar with a moneyback guarantee so whatever I gave it a try.

The problems with using solar panels to save on your electricity bill are mainly 2:

If you want to be able to use your A/C and still get negative numbers in your electricity bill, you have to buy lots of expensive solar panels, that you’ll have to replace every couple of “years” anyways.
There’s no halfway. If you don’t buy the fullest fanciest of solar panel kits, it won’t really work (or at least not for the long term). Let’s say you don’t get scammed with the quality or duration, the whole “lowering your bill using solar panels” concept is based on Increasing Returns.

Let me elaborate on that. When using solar panels to power your house, you’ll need to convert the 12V DC electricity that all solar panels generate, to 110-120V AC electricity that all non-European homes use. Only this process will consume A LOT of the produced electricity, and there will not be much left for real use.

The good news is that there’s a workaround for this problem. It will not be as effective as covering your ceiling with solar panels, but in my opinion, the cost-benefit relation is much better.

I’ll be talking about all the ideas I got from the Smart Solar Box course below, but if you want to get it first, and read this after, that’s alright just don’t forget to bookmark this site to come back later. Here’s the link

Go To The Official Site

Solar Panel Concept
What Makes It The “Smart” Solar Box

There are some people that say the Smart Solar Box is a scam. Well, I’m not sure if they were expecting to power their building with a lemon, a nail, and a penny, but I really enjoyed the project.

This is why I believe it’s a really clever purchase:

If You’re Looking For Father And Son Quality Time

You won’t get mad if your son plays with expensive and fragile equipment.
There are no dangerous parts.

No more fights over money or electricity

You’ll get to bond while your son asks questions. You’ll be his hero.

If You Want To Prepare For A Blackout

2020 has been very rough on us already, it wouldn’t surprise anybody if there were a severe power outage. It’s only logical to want to be prepared.

This won’t make you self sufficient, but if you prefer not to break the bank, it’ll definitely get in handy in emergencies

If You Want To Lower Your Utility/Power Bills

I felt like I was being quite oversold when watching the advertisement, but here’s the trick that makes it really efficient and effective without having to buy expensive stuff (<$200).

Savings On Energy Bill
How Does The Smart Solar Box Really Work?

The logic behind this clever blueprint is to implement a series of very clever techniques and optimizations on the regular solar panel practices, to cut a lot on the expenses, avoid energy waste, and better implement the circuits to do a lot more with a lot less electricity production.

One would think that the regular solar panel implementation would be the same if made for a whole building, or just a small section of the house. Engineers behind the Smart Solar Box show us a much more efficient way to cash in on electricity production, that only works for smaller kinds of implementations.

The core concepts I can tell they utilized to reach this goal are:

Industry secrets to acquiring the needed components for the price of garbage (literally)

A clever way to implement the system that reduces the usual energy loss by… A lot!

Best utilization practices specifically made for this DIY project, that will make you do much more, with much less electricity.

I’ll be elaborating more on these in a couple of weeks. I’m doing some testing first, as I want to share my exact results and maybe a walkthrough video about how to build a smart solar box after I get a proper chance to test its effectiveness in the long run.

What Is The Smart Solar Box?

The Smart Solar Box is a digital guide/program containing a series of detailed step-by-step video and PDF instructions, engineering bases, and best practices for making an extremely efficient and low-cost electricity generator using two small solar panels and some electric components in a never-seen-before way.

It doesn’t include any of the required materials, as it’s a digital product, but it does tell you some very useful tricks to get them for a very cheap price.

In my opinion and experience with the Smart Solar Box, it doesn’t meet the claims made by its advertising. It hasn’t saved my life or cut my electricity bill by 68%, but it has given me a great time with my family and paid off many times in energy-bill savings.

How Much Is The Smart Solar Box? Where Can I Get It?

As of today, It’s still at just $39.69 USD, and you only pay $1 USD upfront.

If the price changes or the offer ends, you’ll can find out in their official website. Check it out!


How To Get The Smart Solar Box For $1 Dollar?

This offer is automatically applied (as long as it’s active) when you buy the course. It will charge your card only a dollar upfront, and the remaining $38.69 USD, three days after that.

They also offer a 60-day moneyback guarantee that a lot of people exploit, along with the $1 USD up front, to get it for free. Some others even try to look for a smart solar pdf free download (AKA GetAVirus.now).

Look guys, this is really up to you, but once you see the course and results for yourselves, you’ll have so much fun and savings that you’ll even want to tip Ryan Tanner (This course’s author). And if not, The moneyback guarantee is valid for 60 days!

I paid by Paypal just to be extra-safe, as the site seems a little sketchy at first, but it’s a secure transaction.

Smart Solar Box Official Website
Do I Need To Be An Engineer To Build A Smart Solar Box?

You’ll definitely get some extra joy when looking at all the clever techniques used in this project, but the video instructions will closely walk you through every step of the process, and you won’t even have to do any modifications to the building’s electrical wiring, so it’s 100% beginner-friendly!


Very inexpensive course and materials (<$200)

Excellent guarantees and customer service

Revolutionary concept

Savings in electricity bills

Portable size


Quite fun DIY-Project!


Oversold, it’s not likely going to reduce your bill by 68% (15-35% I’d say)

Not as effective as a full roof covered in solar panels

It’s only a dollar upfront guys! Let me know what you think and I’ll be opening the comments section to compare results in a couple of weeks alright?

Have fun!


Get the “Just $1 dollar” Offer