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How to Produce Electricity From Sunlight at Home (Best Tips)

So you want to produce solar electricity at home, right?

The good news is that even in the last few years the technology to do so has increased dramatically.

According to Bloomberg reports, “Wind and solar are now the cheapest forms of generating electric supply.” This fact is no longer debatable as both wind and solar forms further help reduce cost in environmental cleanliness and health. Through these forms of energy, the health risk is reduced as emissions are significantly reduced to more than 80 percent, automatically increasing the life expectancy to a large percentage.

As more and more people begin to wobble in the poor and middle-class level of the economy, the desire to generate electricity at the cheapest of cost gradually becomes a major quest for all.

It is interesting to discover that a lot of people are getting it right. With cheaper means of generating electricity are now being explored and discovered.

The Following are Examples of Various Energy Forms:


The whole generation of electric energy entails sourcing out the raw form of energy, converting it into other forms, transmitting, and distributing electricity to a vast network. The biomass energy is sustainable and renewable energy that is obtained from organics, such as plants and animal matter.

With plants and animal ever-present in the universe, the biomass energy provides an inexhaustible path to power. According to US commerce and international trade, a total of about 20,156MW can be generated from 178 biomass plants. With this amount of energy, numerous homes could be powered.

The biomass requires processes like pyrolysis, combustion, turbine, and filers to be able to generate energy. Although quite technical and expensive for the startup, when installed, the monthly expenses on electric bills, this can be more than $6500 a week. Other costs such as health, pollution, biomass, in the long run, would undoubtedly save cost to about 40%.

Tidal and Solar Wind

produce electricity at home
Produce Electricity From Sunlight

This entails the trapping of wind by vanes and giant turbines and converting it into a sustainable form to power devices. This form of energy is very cheap, giving the fact that it is natural and free. Amazingly it can power home appliances, utilities. Also, it can be converted into different forms of energy.

At the same time, the price of wind vanes ranges from $1000-$6000. With energy provision propping as a primary concern for the government, it is undoubtedly evident that more and more funding would be channeled into this project, further reducing the cost for the masses.

Solar Panels and Solar Energy

More than any other form of energy, solar energy is more common and in use presently. In countries like Germany, more than 110 Giga Watts (GW) have already been installed.  This could only be done on the leverage of the cheap cost and sustainability, solar energy, the solar panels can automatically trap sun rays and converting it a sustainable electric power that could power thousands of homes.

In countries like Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia, the cost of electricity for corporate homes and businesses ranges from more than $280000-$800000, with no guarantee of steady electric supply. Still, with solar energy, you save more than $1000 annually for rural homes, and houses and for big corporations that value could increase exponentially.      

Geothermal involves both heat and earth surfaces. This is a convent, energy generated from the earth’s surface, which requires heat. Though experts say this form of energy, requires lots of logistics and stress.

However, geothermal energy is gradually becoming one of the cheapest forms of energy. According to the US environmental protection agency, the geothermal energy has more than 500% efficiency, which automatically could reduce the cost of savings in the incoming years. The geothermal energy is one of the only energy resorts that could be used to access grants. And with the geothermal mode of power, a corporation could save costs for about 30% annually.

Also, according to the US environmental protection agency, the geothermal agency, does not affect poses carbon monoxide dangers. This means on the long run, it could reduce the cost spent on the environment and global health.

Solar Panels and Solar Energy
Solar Panels Vs Other Energy Sources


The world contains more than 330 million milliliters of water, and the oceans cover more than 71% percent of the mass of the world. This shows the tremendous amount of supply of energy the world has with no effort. According to Forbes, more than 50 trillion kWh of electricity can be generated from hydropower by mid-century.

This hydro development is not only clean but sustainable and increases the quality of life as well. With instability and fluctuations in the price of fossils fuels, it is, however, not the case for hydro as it is inexhaustible and readily available any day anytime.

The cost expected to be slashed more than fifteen percent and with other side benefits such as health, environmental cleanliness, climate change, etc. It could be stretched that the cost of hydro energy is ridiculously low.

With governments and big businesses coming into the hydro sector, it is expected that more subsidies and grants would be given to the development of this cause and further increasing the access to this energy, with low cost.

Some frequently asked questions:

How long would it take to totally eradicate coal and fossil energy?

Frankly, it would take more than 50 years, primarily in places like Africa, where development is prolonged and stagnant.

How assessable and affordable would solar energy become 2050?

Very affordable and its users could triple as more companies and governments begin to give grants and subside the services of this distribution, the masses would all have access to this provision.

How efficient is solar energy over electric energy?

With the correct installation and maintenance, the efficiency of solar energy would grow over electric, powering lots of devices and homes much more than the electronic form.

Can the cost of energy become as cheap as $2 a month?

Yes, but it would take a whole lot of time for that to actually come to fruition. Presently the energy sector is still undergoing significant developments. Until those developments are not completed, it might really take a lot of time. Also, these developments must come along with stable policy structures and bodies. This policy bodies should be appointed to enforce and monitor, the progress of the program

How many solar panels do I need to power millions of homes?

Well, it depends on the grade of the solar panels; some carry more energy capacity than the others. However, to cover energy distribution channels of millions of homes, you will need more than 500 solar panels and grids

The Surge of Solar; Benefits, Alternatives, and Overview


Solar energy has breathed out lots of benefits such as reductions of emissions, pollutions, cost, and health risks. Its benefits are very exponential, and obviously, proportional to the rate of technological change. In the coming few years there would be more benefits of solar than we have now.


The solar panels and energy grids have provided a much firmer alternative to electrical and coal energy, unlike other promising options such as geothermal, hydro, and wind. The solar power has taken a captain to leap over them all, with more exploration and research on it, it is gradually replacing other forms of energy, especially in Europe and in Asia.  


The solar energy is designed to produce its own electricity and, with legalization from governments and corporate bodies, venturous individuals can now create their own large plants and networks. More than 2000 private business are now establishing their own solar base to help power their companies, this sought of daunting tasks, have increased over the years as more and more solar panels are now used in desert to generate water, and also used for specialties such as aquaculture, fish farming, leisure.  

The Future of the Energy and Power Sector

The energy and power sector are moving with real pace, rapidly changing daily. With governments, business corporation plunging their attention to pave the way for a sustainable form of energy with little or no greenhouse gases.

It is no surprise that cheap and affordable energy is one might factor to be considered. With the emergence of local energy distribution companies, power lines are retail distributors. It is no doubt that the energy sector is moving to the pace of more convenience. As out 1990, the burning of coal and the use of noisy generators where the applauds of the society. But with the massive reduction in life expectancy and the emergence of strange diseases, it is now a U-turn around that source of power is no longer sought as a tool to power appliances and perform multi-tasks. It is now a found after with both economic, environmental, and health challenges.

That is why the ongoing quest for cheaper and cleaner sources of energy is still on. And this program is now on and on the gear as it is listed among the UN number 7 sustainable development program.

Though the middle class and poor are at the center of this whole issue, and the cheap and affordable provision of energy is a significant need for them. It is, however, a very related project that is not just focused on providing low-cost electricity, but also to provide clean, reliable, and affordable energy for all.

It is believed that by 2050, there would be a massive success on this topic as already, solar energy has taken the first lead in effecting this change.  

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A Society of Cheap and Affordable energy

With a venturous plan for development, the AFB has launched a stent goal to provide, 10GW of solar energy by 2025, with the goal of connecting more 250 million people. This would have a rippling effect powering thousands of homes and businesses.

With projects like this, the African society is undoubtedly moving towards a part of affordable and accessible energy. Where the cost of power is significantly reduced and channeled into other economic activities of profitable returns.

The invention of electricity and fossil energy changed society during the 19th century and brought out massive globalization and revolution. As the world continues to evolve, the need to develop our energy and power system to a more clean and cheap system is an inevitable matter. With profound research ongoing, a lot of forms of energy are now on the test. Still, a more peculiar way is solar energy.

With one solar panel able to serve several houses can be powered within a short period. Because it is renewable and natural, it is massively reliable and dependable. The solar energy now offers a resource to power energy with reduced cost, making it one of the cheapest sources of energy and a viable alternative to electrical energy.  

As More research and advancement in technology proceeds, the society would gradually drift from a much more expensive and harmful form of energy to a clean and affordable way of energy, potent enough to power lots of appliances and make life better.

And this change is present already.

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