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The Real Benefits of Using Solar Energy To Power Your Home

“Over 87 years after the invention of electricity and thousands of years after fossil energy was utilized,” solar panels are pacing with value and utility.

It’s enormously in demand in today’s society…

and growing every single day.

So what are the benefits of using home solar energy?

Let’s begin!

The need for a unique source of energy that is clean, cheap, affordable, durable, and efficient is one of society’s greatest quest. Like fossil fuels, electricity, and other forms of energy have come with both health risks and huge amounts of cost. Studies and research have reviewed the posing threats of global warming and the damaging risks that these sources of energy pose to human lives.

However, the invention of solar energy has been a significant source of renewable energy, with a lot of benefits and new functions. The solar energy is gradually easing its way past other forms of energy in terms of health benefits, environmentally and financially.

This natural source of energy trapped from the sun is now known to perform all the functions of Fossil and electrical energies. It is now edging pass other forms of energy in terms of efficiency, durability, and stability. As it is now known to power an exponential number of appliances at the same time.

Multiple and complex devices in different fields such as astronomy, medicine, robotics, security, cyber, and even in our homes have now been powered with solar energy.

Using Home Solar Energy
Home Solar Energy

Solar Energy: How it Operates and What We Need to Know

Solar Energy is directly related to thermal energy. It operates solely by the usage of solar panels of different brands to trap down sun rays, which are stored and converted into electric power by photovoltaic cells. This Solar panels are in different shapes and sizes and can be installed on grounds, trees, roofs, and even on a tripod. And many of them come at different prices depending on the number of houses that would be involved in the energy plan.

Just with 10 solar panels, about 3500 megawatts of power can be generated, which could power more than 45 homes and units if appropriately utilized. The solar panels consist of cells of the metallic brand, which is made up of silicon and iron, these metals help traps and absorb solar energy. Its operation is so unique that after absorbing these sun rays, it stores them without degeneration.

  • After trapping and absorbing rays from the sun, It is stored and processed by the photovoltaic cells
  • The photovoltaic cell transmutes the sun’s energy into electric energy and circuits within a short period, depending on the size of the power.

The transmuted energy, which is in the form of Direct current (D.C.) is processed on a portable inverter and is converted to alternating current A.C. Which is then used to power the home appliances and business centers and as many houses and networks that are connected

The 3 Benefits of Solar Power Energy

With numerous solar panels installed in almost all countries around the globe with millions of users as well. There is indeed no doubt that the uses and benefits of solar energy are numerous in counts and figures.  Below are some benefits of solar energy to our homes and society.

Improves the Value of Home appliance and Devices

With problems such as fluctuations of voltage, overheating, and power distribution, familiar with the other forms of energy. Home devices and appliances are damaged prematurely, and the life span of these appliances is cut short. Then the manufacturers of these appliances point most of the blame to the instability of power. It is a significant pointer that the source of energy is a significant determinant of the level of convenience we get from our home appliances.

However, with the installation of solar panels, electricity can now be generated and regulated at the same time. Therefore increasing the life span and maintenance of home appliances. In 2016 Elon Musk, CEO of Telsa, and SpaceX predicted that with solar panels and solar energy, the whole of china can be powered, even with all the home appliances.

Solar Panel Installation
Home Solar Panel Installation

Globalization and Job creation.

Surprised! Maybe not, one of the cardinal benefits of solar energy is the massive creation of jobs and social empowerment. As direct access to power automatically catalyzes the enormous production of businesses and employment.

 According to Forbes, “the job growth in the U.S. is expected to topple to Over 6% in 2019”. These statistics reveal that with the effective implementation of solar panels and the spread of solar energy, the numbers would rise exponentially.

Reduction of Fire outbreaks and accidents

Much more exciting and stunning benefits the solar energy brings is its ability to reduce fire outbreaks and accidents. The use of fossils fuels and coals as forms of energy not only increases the rates of accidents but fire outbreaks and explosions as recorded in countries like Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, etc.

According to the Washington Post, the Kincaid fire, which left thousands homeless and helpless, was as a result of electric grids and power lines.  The scientist has reported that solar energy is substantial enough to reduce the rise of the rate of fire outbreaks in no small amount. And with the installation of solar panels and plates, the rate of fire outbreak would significantly drop.

And with countries like Australia declaring the green agenda which entails solar energy, it is protracted that the rate of bush fires and fire accidents would reduce to a significant percent. 

Reduction of Cost

One significant advantage of solar energy installation in our homes is cost. Many often view Solar energy setup as an expensive project and difficult to install. However, this is a wrong assumption. With companies like Trina Solar, Solar Corp, JA Solar, distributing solar services all over the world, the cost of solar installation is now reduced and affordable.

When compared to the electric energy where Electric bills are taken monthly, the cost saved in the long run is staggering. And most times, depending on the number of houses and people using the solar panels, a sum of $2000-$5500 could be saved monthly. And much more exciting expenses on solar is often taken once, unlike its electric counterpart where electric bills are collected every month. 

The solar energy presents an economical path to cut cost. To companies and Business Corporation that runs during the day alone. This renewable form of power serves as a medium to reduce cost on energy and electric bills of which may not be stable and reliable.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

One of the greatest plights of the homes, businesses, and Workers is the shortage of power supply in Lots of third world countries, like Namibia, Nigeria, and Chile, etc. The trend of the shortage of electric supply is really biting. At the leisure and luxury of home, appliances cannot be utilized, and businesses spend an enormous amount on generators and other remedies.

However, with the installation of solar panels and solar energy, the trend of an uninterrupted power supply is cut off. The solar energy is a maximum form of renewably generated from the sun, more than 130000 Gigawatts of electricity can be produced in a week. This can be stored and regulated at one’s leisure, thereby eliminating the occurrence of power failures.

Climate Change

Climate change has now been an issue of grave concern, and a lot of attention has been plunged to it. As the world becomes more and more conscious of its environment, it is very innovation is now weighed on its scale of impact on the environment. All over the world the decries of the posing dangers the fossil energy poses on the environment is surging and the government and private corporation are keen towards a source of energy that offers fewer risks, and hazards to the environment, surroundings, and human lives

According to the U.S information administration, the use of solar panels in a single home has as much emission reduction effect as 150 trees altogether. This reveals the magnitude of benefits. Solar panels bring to the environment, from the reduction of greenhouse gases in the decrease of fossil emissions, which all play a significant role in maintaining a clean and stable environment.

Reduction of Health Risks.

According to the National Renewable energy laboratory (NREL). The continuous usage of solar reduces particulates such as Sulphur, nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, which has a deadly effect on our health, especially our cardiovascular system.

The demand for both clean and sustainable energy has become a significant concern. It is now discussed in important meetings and conferences like the annual Economic Forum, G20 meetings, etc. As there is a massive reduction in life expectancy and this is as a result of harmful gases inhaled regularly

With both governments and private corporations keening towards providing a source of energy that is clean and sustainable, with reduced risks. It is, therefore, no doubt that solar power offers a solution to this global problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of maintenance of solar?

The cost of maintenance is pretty cheap and could vary depending on the amount of power to be generated. Also, the number of homes to be powered. However, with about $4500, solar energy can be distributed across a single house. But to power about 8000 homes and offices, the maintenance cost for such cost could range between $4.1M- $5M. It solely depends on what you want, and I believe that, for such a big project, the government and big companies are usually involved in sponsoring such. 

Who really regulates the solar energy supply?

The beauty of the solar energy source is that it is entirely decentralized and can be regulated by the owner or users. Unlike other forms of energy, which requires unique government bodies and groups governing the supply of power, which often leads to a shortage of electricity and different types of irregularities.

The solar energy sector is free from bottlenecks and middlemen, and the solar panel sector can just be regulated with only a few keys such as ‘on’ and ‘off ’ button. Therefore, enhancing reliability and durability.                                                 

Is solar energy a great alternative to generate electricity?

The answer is yes, and it has proven to be a much better alternative. As it reduces environmental pollution and health risk to the minimum. While doing this, it provides an efficient path to renewable energy, which is very reliable and can power home appliances and devices. 

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The Future of the Solar Energy Sector?

With the rising wheels of technology technically influencing every sector, it is no doubt that the energy sector is one of its significant hits. Especially with pressing challenges such as health, pollution, durability, and sustainability. A question the coal and other forms of energy have failed to answer.

Much more interesting is the number of investors and companies offering solar panels and other solar installation services further initiating competition and reducing cost as well, As the price of silicon panel is protracted to fall by over 500 percent by 2035

With the application of Flovophotaic (F.V.) cells, which are multi solar panels installed on dams, rivers, and wells. Opportunities for power generations for fish farming, aquaculture, and marine studies are now opened.

Also, with other innovations such as building innovation photovoltaic (BIPV). These are panels that can be specially implanted on building materials and can easily trap down sun rays. One can now generate large amounts of energy with ease.

With more technological, research, and investment, we could see more than 45,000 MegaWatt (M.W.) generated weekly, and solar energy model in every house.

According to Investopedia, Germany have produced more than 36 gigawatts from solar power, and are working towards increasing the numbers by 2050. With countries like China and Japan on the run with this innovation, the solar energy spread would undoubtedly increase in quality and value, providing power with low risk to our environment and health. Providing the world a much more alternative way to generate electricity and sustainable energy as well.  

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