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what do electrical engineer do ? (Comprehensive guide)

July 14, 2017
what do electrical engineer do ? (Comprehensive guide)

What do electrical engineer do?

Dear Engineer… Today i presents to you a comprehensive guide on what do electrical engineer do… This is a wonderful field that I am honored to be one of the electrical engineers in the world and I hope to achieve more in this distinguished area… Let us get deeper and more in this field.

Through this comprehensive guide we will learn together about very important points that can change our life and our whole view of electrical engineering.

At first I would like to put in your hands the points that we will talk about together to make the subject interesting and well organized as we are used as engineers always to have everything arranged for us.

  • Electrical engineer definition.
  • What are electrical engineer responsibilities?
  • Where do electrical engineers work?

Electrical engineer definition:

We can define Electrical engineer as the person responsible for the design, implementation and analysis of different electrical systems … But if we look at this definition in more depth, we find that the electrical engineer has a deeper definition of it.

The broader definition is that the electrical engineer is the person who  find the ideal and technological solutions to develop and solve technical problems of all electricity issues.

The electrical engineer must always have the ability to develop and innovate in the field of electrical engineering and does not stop at a certain point and must take into account many factors such as:

  • economy,
  • quality,
  • reliability,
  • safety,
  • and sustainability.

What are electrical engineer responsibilities?

The responsibilities of the electrical engineer depend on the nature of the career disciplines and the project in which the engineer works. I will mention in the following lines these career disciplines and tasks for these specializations.

1-Electrical power engineer:

The scope of the work of this engineer is about the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity efficiently and deals directly with transformers, generators, motors and transmission lines of electricity and also from the scope of this work the distribution of internal electricity in different establishments.

what do electrical engineer do

Electrical power engineer responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Designing and developing electrical systems and updating their specifications.
  • Preparing electrical drawings and Procurement.
  • Researching suitable solutions and estimating costs and timescales.
  • Reading design specifications and technical drawings.
  • Coordinate between consultants, external agencies, contractors, property owners and other utility services for assigned projects. 
  • Coordinate, review and assess contract submittals. 
  • Processing statements.
  • Ensure all contract works in compliance with contract documents. 
  • Prepare project records with details such as field progress, field conditions, equipment use and corrective actions. 
  • Prepare monthly report on progress of assigned project with assistance of schedules, costs spreadsheets and perform analysis on same.
  • Identifying customer requirements.
  • Inspect works at site to confirm that these works comply with drawings & specifications.
  • Inspect All Material At site to confirm that comply with Specifications.

2-Computer engineer:

The role of this engineer Concentrated in the design and development of the computer hardware to provide the best performance possible and we have seen later the tremendous development in the world of computer technology due to the continuous development of computer engineering. Knowing that this engineer does not design computer programs.

electrical engineer

3-Control engineer:

This engineer deals with the various controller circuits, develops, improves electrical circuits and control circuits such as PLC, micro-controller, digital signal processor. These applications are used to manage industrial and manufacturing businesses such as factories, space stations, smart installations and robot applications.

what does an electrical engineer do


4-Electronic engineer:

This engineer deals with simple and complex electronic circuits and designs, tests, and maintains these circuits, and detects faults in any electronic circuit. We use these technologies to manage electronic businesses such as radio, television and modern operating systems.

control engineer

Electronic engineer deals exclusively with active electrical components such as amplifiers and transistors.

After learning about the different specializations of electrical engineering you must now choose any field that suits you … Your choice is very important and you want too.

If you tend to a particular specialization, my advice is that you are involved in this area because the secret of creativity lies in the love of your field.

Where do electrical engineers work?

As we explained earlier that there are several specializations in the field of electrical engineering … We now point out that each specialty is the one who determines your work site, for example, if you work as electrical power engineer, your workplace will be either inside a power station or distribution station of Electricity or in one of the construction projects in which you will certainly have a big role.

If you work as a computer engineer, you will be working in a computer maintenance lab or computer manufacturing plant.

The electrical engineer must be present at any work site and in any field. If you look at any company or factory, you will find that there are a group of electrical engineers who do any work mentioned according to their specialty.

Therefore, we look at the subject in general and we conclude from this that the electrical engineer has no specific workplace, but also determines the place of work according to the specialization chosen from the beginning.

And now that we know what the meaning of an electrical engineer and we know the various specializations within the electrical engineering and also know the responsibilities of each specialty and the workplace … It remains to know how much the electricity engineer receives from the salary.

How much electrical engineer salary?

According to the latest statistics in this year and the survey in more than one country, there are significant differences between the salaries of engineers according to the state of work and specialization, nature and location of work and also the number of years of experience owned by the Engineer.

Now I will give some examples of the average salaries of electrical engineers.


This is a survey for top countries giving high salaries to engineers

how much electrical engineer salary

 a survey for top countries giving low salaries to engineers

what is electrical engineer salary

Previous graph shows a preliminary survey … and you are now required to look at your country and let’s discuss … Put a comment explaining the average salaries of engineers in your country … There are many factors affect the salary Let me now organize them in brief lines:

  • Field of specialization in electrical engineering.

electrical engineer salary

  • Nature of work and place of work.

How much electrical engineer salary

  • Years of experience in the field of specialization.

electrical engineer salary in usa

  • The country in which you will work.

Conclusion :

what does an electrical engineer do ?

 We conclude that the electrical engineer is of extreme importance and constitutes an important element in society and directly affects the whole world.

And my advice to everyone who is on the first path of electrical engineering … If you do not have the desire in this area do not enter it. I have seen some engineers achieved great successes and others lived without a goal They became worthless.

“developed from yourself, strive towards your goal, keep your value and proud you are an electrical engineer”.

what do electrical engineer do

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